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Name Date Category Title Request
Sid Nelson November 5, 2018 Healing Prayer For Healing Please pray that my Sister, Kay Key, may be healed of Vertigo and dizziness and that my Brother, Ken Nelson, may be healed of Afib. Both appreciate your prayers. Sid Nelson Alabama.
Amy Pauley January 27, 2019 Healing Special Prayer for Healing Roy and I…have been asking for special prayer from our church families across the conference as we were involved in a horrific car accident recently where our car was totaled. I suffered a broken right hand and a lot of bruising, etc., but our big concern is Roy's fractured sternum which has resulted in us having to cancel a couple of months of concerts that we had scheduled, which we could not afford! As you can imagine, Roy's broken breastbone has been a major setback. It's hard for him to breathe without a lot of pain - he also has a lot of bruising and pain in the upper back from whiplash. It has been a painful and discouraging time. Thanks for your prayers and God bless.